What is therapy?

Therapy or “counseling”, especially if you have never done this before, can be a little scary at first.  It is my job to allay your fears and to help you feel as comfortable as possible. You will be supported and most importantly, listened to. Once we have time to get acquainted, we will work together to establish some goals for you while working at the pace you are comfortable with.  I can help you find solutions that work.

Am I the right therapist for you? You are the judge of that.

You want to find someone you are comfortable with, that you can trust and that has the skills and demeanor that can help you navigate life’s rough patches. Therapists are trained to help people learn how to change attitudes and behaviors to find more effective ways of coping and more constructive ways to live life.

You know you can benefit from therapy if..

  • You or a family member are suddenly faced with a life-changing illness or injury
  • You want to overcome life’s challenges and build more resilience
  • You are having trouble bouncing back from stressful circumstances
  • You feel overwhelmed and can’t handle the problems you are faced with
  • You don’t want stress in your life to impact your emotional or physical health
  • You want to jump start your life into a more alive life, full of possibilities.

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