Individual Therapy

You have the innate capacity to adapt and thrive.  You may need support to see what is necessary to enable you to join with this adaptive capacity of resilience to grow into the best version of yourself.  Some of you will have had specific traumatic or painful experiences that have encouraged you to seek support now. Others may be experiencing some life challenges which you are experiencing discomfort around and need support to accept or change.  

Together we will focus on empowering you to overcome life’s curve balls, and to listen more closely to your life so that you can discern what you need to do to be more flexible at adapting to change. We will work to develop skills to build your confidence in taking control of your life and growing it into a life you could never have imagined. Until now.

Rates for Individual Therapy

  50 minute session – $100

  90 minute session – $125

Reduced rates are available. Please reach out to me for more information on this option.

Call (512) 375-3360 now to get a free consultation. More ways to Contact Me.